Lone Sheep

Sheep have inspired poets and artists for centuries. Something about the softness of their fleece or the roundness of their bodies has a winsome appeal.

~ My Heart’s in the Lowlands

Caerlaverock Swans

A lovely sheet of water, gilded by the noontide sun, with swans gliding across the surface and ducks waddling along the grassy banks.

~ My Heart’s in the Lowlands

Peacock Blue

The Murrays stood before him now, dressed like peacocks, right down to the feathery plumes in Rosalind’s hair.

~ Mine Is the Night

Scottish Cats

Elisabeth could not imagine a man of such stature having a cat roaming about the house. Hunting dogs, perhaps, or collies. Cats were usually meant for byres and barns, not mansions.

~ Mine Is the Night

Sheep Trot

When you reach the edge of a Scottish village, the next thing you see is sheep. Or cows. Or a fine expanse of green.

~ My Heart’s in the Lowlands

Highland Beastie

A Highland coo makes an unexpected appearance: an enormous creature with a shaggy, orange red coat and sharp horns poking out at dangerous angles.

~ My Heart’s in the Lowlands

Billy Goat

Goats perched on craggy shelves no wider than their hooves, looking down at the intruder on horseback. Their staccato bleating sounded as if they were laughing at his plight. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha.

~ Thorn in My Heart

Sheep Grazing

Not a soul was in sight that quiet Wednesday morning; the bleating of sheep and the cawing of crows were all that could be heard.

~ Whence Came a Prince