Hot Chocolate

“This calls for a pot o’ chocolate,” Mrs. Edgar said, then hurried off to the kitchen, taking Gibson with her.

~ Here Burns My Candle

Delicious Dessert

The sticky toffee pudding is beyond resisting: a date-flavored sponge cake covered with a rich sauce made of double cream, vanilla, demerara sugar, and heaps of butter, then served warm with ice cream.

~ My Heart’s in the Lowlands

A Simple Dinner

Enticing aromas waft out to greet us: lamb, potatoes, sausage, curry, tea.

~ My Heart’s in the Lowlands

Fish and Chips

Aye, fish and chips are standard pub fare, but here the fresh haddock is flaky, not mushy, and perfectly seasoned, and the chips are thick slabs of real potato, fried to a crisp, golden brown.

~ My Heart’s in the Lowlands

Lunch at the Museum

The soup was carrot and bean, with only a few butter beans but rich with seasoning.

~ My Heart’s in the Lowlands

Scottish Breakfast

Mrs. Campbell guided him along the sideboard with its array of baked scones and yeast rolls, plump sausages and thick-sliced bacon, boiled hens’ eggs and porridge. “Eat your fill, for we’ll not dine again until two.”

~ A Wreath of Snow