Threave Castle

Some castles exude a romantic air, others a sense of the melancholy or a hint of mystery. Threave is ominous, unsettling.

~ My Heart’s in the Lowlands

Stirling Castle

“Sons of the Rock,” they were called, a nod to the massive crag that dominates the town, with old Stirling Castle at its pinnacle.

~ A Wreath of Snow

Orchardton Castle

The castle’s round shape is strikingly medieval and well preserved. Orchardton exudes an aura of beauty, of civility.

~ My Heart’s in the Lowlands

MacLellan Castle

To come upon a four-story, sixteenth-century town house smack in the middle of Kirkcudbright is rather remarkable, even in Scotland.

~ My Heart’s in the Lowlands

Edinburgh Castle

Oh, Edinburgh. If you only knew how often I think about your narrow, crooked streets and your splendid craggy castle, so close to the sky it’s like something from a fairy tale.

~ Here Burns My Candle

Doune Castle

Another beautifully remote place where history and story meet.
~ My Heart’s in the Lowlands

Cardoness Castle

The skies were utterly clear, the air freshened by the winds off Fleet Bay. Rising high above the hills, the Castle of Cardoness dominated the scenery with its stark, stone walls.

~ Whence Came a Prince

Caerlaverock Castle

This is the Scotland you’ve been waiting to see: ancient history and natural beauty, without a hint of the modern world.

~ My Heart’s in the Lowlands