My Heart’s in the Lowlands

My Heart’s in the Lowlands

ASIN: 1400072972
ISBN: 9781400072972

Nonfiction: Join Liz on a delightful, ten-day journey through the Scottish Lowlands. You’ll explore quaint villages and crumbling castles, old bookshops and cozy tearooms in the company of a seasoned traveler whose love for bonny Scotland shines on every page. A fun, heartwarming armchair travel guide.

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About the Book

“Let’s go, shall we? Just the two of us?”

My Heart’s in the Lowlands: Ten Days in Bonny Scotland is an entertaining armchair travel guide to Dumfries and Galloway—the land where fictional Jamie, Leana, Rose, and Davina roamed through readers’ imaginations, and where fascinating, real characters live today.

Side by side, page by page, you and Liz will travel the rolling hills and glens of the Scottish Lowlands without crossing the pond, changing time zones, or driving on the left side of the road. Your itinerary includes quaint villages and crumbling castles, antiquarian bookshops and charming tearooms, grand old churches and hedge-lined gardens. Och, it’s a ferlie place!

The style of My Heart’s in the Lowlands is lighthearted and personal—just the two of you on holiday, landing in Glasgow, hopping in your hired car, and tooling south toward Dumfries and Galloway, with road maps in hand. This is one trip you don’t want to miss!

"An absolutely delightful armchair travel book."
– Lois Y. Flyte, MLS, Dumfries and Galloway Family History Society
"A bonny blend of Liz's lyrical fiction and tantalizing Scotland facts told in an intimate style."
– Jane Kirkpatrick, author of All Together in One Place
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